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It is an unfortunate time in our state’s and country’s history. Amid the most horrific virus to hit since the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-20, there is much civil disobedience being displayed in the most egregious ways. I question why these protestors feel the need to arm themselves with assault weapons.

Is it because without them they are afraid the law-abiding citizens of the great state of Michigan would overtake them? They are probably right but, as you can see, those assault weapons make them big, strong men and women who can be the true bullies that they are in their hearts. Storming the Capitol building with your violence, screaming, threatening and intimidating behavior only makes you look like exactly what you are: terrorists.

Let me pose a few questions to each and every one of you protesting the governor’s executive orders regarding the barber in Owosso. Why do you think, at age 77, Karl Manke doesn’t have any income? Did he not pay into Social Security all these years and, therefore, does not have income from that? Did he not pay unemployment insurance all of these years and therefore was refused that? It is my understanding that Mr. Manke owns the building his barbershop is in and if you are not aware, there are rentals in that building as well.

Does he not have any income from those rentals? Did you even stop to ask yourselves any of these questions? He says he has run that barbershop for almost 60 years. Last I checked that was a lucrative business, especially when you own the building you are operating your business out of. So, with that information, do you not think perhaps he would have put some money away for a rainy day?

I looked at the financial statistics for the three, yes, that’s right, three GoFundMe accounts as of May 12. At that time there was more than $21,000 raised. I had to ask myself what the point of all that is. Do these people not understand there are children going hungry in Shiawassee County, as there are all over this state and country? Would your money not have been better spent supporting a food bank or homeless shelter?

Manke has a roof over his head and yes, that is because he has worked for it. He certainly has not missed any meals as is evidenced by his photographs.

I would implore the bullies with the guns to stand down and act like decent citizens, putting the lives of your neighbors and families before abhorrent, inappropriate displays of terrorism, because that is exactly what you are. You are Michigan-grown terrorists and I hope to God that you don’t pay for this behavior with the loss of someone you love.

I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I have always voted for the people I believe would best benefit the interests of all people, however, these people have seized on the opportunity to make this a political rally. I call out the police officers that have been hired to protect all of the citizens of Owosso and Shiawassee County, and the judge and sheriff, on their apparent disregard for human life. Shame on all of you.

Paula Jager


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Full agreement. Insecure little men, in need of attention. Sad, so sad. What happened to common sense people?


May we all become as smart as this opinion writer. Who else could determine one's need or what a person should be doing with his or her money? When did a person lose such a right, anyway?


The shame falls on those who just sit back and complain about People who exercise their Constitutional Rights. While WethePeople Fight for Freedom, those sitting in their lazyboys reap the benefits. As far as open carrying weapons at Lansing Capitol goes, those People are protecting the 1st Amendment Rights of those in peaceful protest to address and redress of grievances to tyrannical government officials. What will protect the rest of our Rights without the 2nd Amendment in place? What else will keep the government from banning Free Speech, ie. Unlawful arrests at Rallies? Not once have those carrying weapons shot anyone, nor made threats of shooting anyone. At late, a couple ignorant individuals have been planted at the recent Rallies to make a spectacle of themselves, and they were appropriately handled and arrested for their activities by the Michigan Capitol Police. This whole government orchestrated plannedemic has proven to be political and shown the true nature of a totalitarian dictatorship. While politicians and government employees continue to be compensated, those who have been displaced from work or lost businesses have not received wages. WethePeople are tired of inefficient and ineffective governance. Open Michigan, Now! Matthew Shepard, Midwest Regional Vice Chairman-US Constitution Party, Perry Michigan


Ah, yes. That pesky Constitution. Reminds me of a time not so long ago, when government came for honest citizens' firearms. That's right! In New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Remember Ray Nagin? He was the liberal mayor and ordered all guns confiscated and police did just that going door-to-door. His plan was to "keep everyone safe", just like our governor. And, that oft despised NRA sued the government to get the firearms returned after it was in the rear-view mirror. I also remember those brave military personnel who were ordered to New Orleans and refused to comply with any confiscation orders.

They took an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. And, they meant it when they swore to uphold the Constitution - Unlike many of today's politicians. Anyone look at firearms sales lately? Off the charts! As much as the Left pushes for "no more guns", they continue to inspire others to stock up. The Lefties are their worst enemy and too idealistic to realize what they are doing to their lost cause. Their perfect vision is blind to reality.


Now they are "plants." What about the threats to government officials? Come from left? The guns are just a way to try and enforce your policies by intimidation. Haven't seen wages? $600 extra unemployment. PPP.

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