Following the sixth consecutive felony trial in Shiawassee County that has failed to obtain a guilty verdict, Assistant Prosecutor Charles Quick has defended his office against the charge of “overkill.”

From the press account, it seems that the Shiawassee Prosecutor’s office needs to answer to the question of abuse of power and failure to ensure proper police procedure. That it took the jury 63 minutes to reach their unanimous decision rebuking three charges of resisting/obstructing three police officers speaks for itself.

Resisting and obstructing the police is the reflexive charge when a supposedly presumed innocent citizen even balks when confronted with the excesses of the police. Simply exercising fundamental legal rights will often be corrupted with impunity at the pleasure of cops and prosecutors.

In this case, the reporting indicates the police abused their power in blatant fashion. To break a door down without declaring a legal warrant is not proper legal procedure. It does seem, however, that the cops, prosecutors and judge are fine with this unlawful behavior and seem to reserve their right to break the law with impunity.

The excesses of policing and prosecution in the United States are rampant across all jurisdictions and it signifies a contempt for the basic freedoms we are meant to enjoy.

There is a well known term used to describe what often happens when cops take the stand in court: “Testilying,” that is, lying under oath to gain a conviction. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers and all officers of the court are aware of this common abuse of power and look the other way.

We didn’t become the United States of incarceration by accident but by design, and substantially for profit; all this in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Remember, too, that the many exonerated persons, having perhaps spent decades incarcerated, are often released with the admission of unlawful police and prosecutorial conduct.

If we do not recognize and defend our civil rights it should be understood that there are powers-that-be ready to abuse and curtail them.

The truth is that every aspect of the legal system is in sorry need of reform; and the further truth is that all the professionals of the court know this to be true. As I am fond of saying: The law does justice only to hypocrisy.

Rich Labdon


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