Letter to the Editor

President Donald Trump is the Typhoid Mary of the 21st century.

Typhoid Mary spread disease and caused the deaths of many who came in contact with her. Trump spreads lies and misinformation about the coronavirus and his behavior has caused the death and infection of too many people.

Typhoid Donnie must be refused access to the coronavirus updates dais during press reports, or duct tape should be applied to all his involved orifices and surfaces.

Thomas Ford


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That Trump Derangement Syndrome can sure work on a person's brain.


You mean that the statement that the virus will be gone by April is "Deranged?" Yup, he is.

JMB 1911

Gee, with all the "stuff" you guys were throwing at him, trying to make SOMETHING stick, why wouldn't he think it was more bogus "news"?


Gone by April stuck just fine. And so did golfing the weekend of March 7th and 8th with the rich mans club when the rest of the world was in a health emergency.

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