Letter to the editor

Being an American citizen does not seem to mean anything to our two senators from Michigan.

I have repeatedly — on at least seven occasions — asked Sens. Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow for information on how the money is going to be spent for these trillion-dollar budget and infrastructure bills.

It looks like more bills that get passed and then our great congressmen and congresswomen find out what is in them, but us poor citizens will never really know how the government spends the money.

We hear every day from our great president that this money is needed to get the economy growing. Paying people to stay home and sit on their butts is not the proper way to get our economy going.

Looking at ways to succeed really worked great for President Lyndon Johnson with the socialist plan of his day. He had great plans for Detroit. In the 1960s, Detroit had more than 2 million people and the highest per-capita income in our country.

In less than 40 years, Detroit’s population dropped to less than 700,000 people and had the lowest per-capita income of all major cities in our country. This was a good economic plan in whose eyes?

Succeed is what people do when they are given all the opportunities and resources this country has to offer and not controlled by the government.

For some reason, our schools have been working on peoples’ minds in the universities and now in our K-12 schools to pit one color and nationality against another.

There will always be some form of racism in our culture, but when people are forced to do things, there will be rejection. Our country has always been a mix of many nationalities. Government should reduce, not increase, control of our lives.

Open your eyes, America, as our government will soon control everything we do, and I mean everything

Terry Holzhausen


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Great letter, true words. I second that - Wake up America.

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