Letter to the editor

I also agree with a recent letter on why the rich gets so many accolades and the most common person none when they die. It’s mostly because they are rich.

The death of a family member is just as important as any sports figure, president or any one else. Our grief, our loss, is still the same as theirs. The only difference between us and others is they just keep talking about it like they are so special. To me, family, my friends — they mean the same.

What do we call us? I guess the common people, which are mostly in the world today. After one day after death, as I call them, common people’s deaths are already forgotten in the newspapers, but not to us.

All in all, everyone is special. Some people who are rich and famous just get more news about them.

It’s not their fault as it’s news, which I am sad to hear and read, but for the common people it’s sad and real also. In my opinion, just enjoy life as it is.

Ed Ash


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