I noticed a recent letter writer didn’t argue whether President Donald Trump had committed obstruction of justice because we all know there is no doubt about that.

He is guilty as sin. Period.

But what was totally asinine was the statement that President Barack Obama was the worst president. So where would you rate Richard Nixon, who had to resign rather than be impeached? Oh, wait, he’s a Republican so he can do no wrong.

How about George W. Bush? Mission accomplished. He declared the Iraq war over May 1, 2003. Whoops. The war lasted another decade and cost thousands of lives. Add in the Hurricane Katrina debacle, including flying over the wreckage instead of landing and that Bush didn’t like black people: A statement he called the “worst moment of his presidency.” Also, there were the FEMA trailers that had formaldehyde in them and the market crash that led to government intervention and the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

And of course, the war on the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.

You wouldn’t call these worse than President Obama? Oh wait, Bush was another Republican and they are next to God.

What makes Obama the worst? Is it that he brought unemployment down from 10 percent to 4.7 percent with 11.6 million new jobs when he left office? Or the 75 months of consecutive job growth? Was it the after-tax corporate profits that set records with a 57-percent increase? Or that the S&P 500 was up 166 percent? Or that U.S. crude oil production was up 77 percent?

Or was it because you can’t stand our country being led by a man of color? And we know where Trump stands with that.

And if this makes me a “far left liberal,” then that is a badge I will wear with honor. Because I would much rather be that than an old, spoon-fed rich, better than everybody, far right wing, self-righteous hypocrite.

Raymond Gadd


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