Letter to the editor

On April 20, I was walking two and a half blocks from my home to my friend’s house to walk with him and his small dog. Halfway there, at the corner of Dewey and Moore streets (in Owosso), a large, vicious, mean German shephard escaped from his fenced-in yard in which he normally barks on and off all day long.

The dog ran full speed, baring his teeth and barking, toward me — kitty corner from his home. He got within a foot of me. I was petrified and scared to death.

A lady in a yellow car stopped and called 911. I wish I knew her name. She yelled to me to not move.

At the same time, The Argus-Press delivery man, John Stevens, saw what was happening and stopped delivering and maneuvered his car to get in between the dog and me. John continually drove back and forth to protect me from the dog.

I called my friend and he quickly drove to me and secured me in his car while John continued to block the dog.

The owner of the dog, and the police, arrived and secured the dog.

John, seeing I was safe, continued on his route. All in the day of an Argus-Press carrier: delivers papers, stops to help a person in trouble and continues with his job — all without his cape.

My hero, John Stevens. Thank you, John, and thank you to the lady in the yellow car.

Diane Enlow


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Prayers and blessings!!

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