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The smell of elections is in the air and signs everywhere. Most are running respectfully under their name instead of their title — which is only slightly against campaign rules, or so I have read. Sometimes it gives candidates the heads up.

When I think of the word “sheriff” with stars around it, I think of the man that held a booze train and waved all the drunk people off to their cars to be set loose into the community. How many were pulled over and let go? How many crashed? How many potentially endangered your children or yourself?

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Mother Hen

Let's not forget his good friend, Rob Reznick, a convicted felon who's corruption was ignored by the sheriff. Let's not forget the glowing letter of praise the sheriff wrote to the judge in the Reznick case, hoping to sway the judge's opinion so the sheriff's good friend could get away with illegal activities/corruption. Let's not forget the Root debacle, with the sheriff knowing about the drunk driving, the vehicle off the road, the property damage, and the big coverup. What about all the 1033 items and the money generated by the sale of said items. Who pocketed all that money? Birds of a feather flock together. It's time to vote the corruption out and start over.


Ladies you are both spot on! Let's not forget how he leases a motorcycle and a hummer that only get shown at parades sometimes. Don't forget about him wanting to take ARPA funds when they are not to be designated to elected officials. This person is not who I want representing my money or integrity in the state.

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