Letter to the editor

The Saudis are at it again. Just as with Iraq, since the Gulf War, the repugnant Saudi royals are clamoring for war, this time with Iran.

They would love for the U.S. to attack their centuries-old Shia enemy. This brings to mind the 1991 joke among the Americans paid to fight Saddam Hussein: “What’s the Saudi national anthem? ‘Onward, Christian Soldiers.’”

The joke works as well, maybe better, for the other regional war monger, Israel. The prime minister, the newly re-elected and indicted Benjamin Netanyahu is trying his best to have his friend, Donald Trump, stumble into war with Israel’s nemesis, Iran.

At this point, we can only hope Trump’s previous lack of stupid adventurism, holds against the malignant influence of John Bolton and the war profiteers.

Our best national security assets are still the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Imagine, and ask yourself, what might have been done with the nearly $6 trillion we have spent post 9/11 fighting imperial wars?

Rich Labdon


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