Letter to the Editor

A prominent psychologist was once asked to identify the difference between the neurotic patient and a psychotic one.

He said a person suffering from neuroses will “build a sandcastle in the sky”; but the psychotic individual actually “goes and lives in it.” Donald J. Trump, with his apparent belief that he will be “reinstated” to the presidency, is evidently preparing to move into “the White House in the clouds.” If his emerging state of mind were not so dangerous to our American democracy, it would be comic in the extreme because the very same cult fanatics who vandalized the Capitol on Jan. 6 are willing — yes, eager — to engage in another violent insurrection.

As one Republican-controlled state legislature after another cooperates by passing voter suppression laws to satiate Trump’s “big lie,” the GOP has become the classic enabler of an even grander level of delusion. If allegedly responsible Republican leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell do not relent — and begin forcefully to speak the truth — the insanity of No. 45 will soon damage us all beyond repair.

Thomas Smith


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