The city and county have sure changed in the past couple of months.

We’ve got a barber who doesn’t believe in the law — so he can write another book about how he beat the law.

We’ve got a judge and a sheriff who don’t enforce the state laws.

We’ve got what looks like young college kids protesting. Half of them don’t know why. I wonder what they’re learning in college.

We’ve got the head of the school board being forced to resign because of some comment he made. When I was in the Marines back in the 1950s, we were told we were helping to make America free. That means free speech. Boy, how that has changed.

I wonder what’s next. I know, probably the city and county will have to change their names. We don’t want to offend the Indians. The world will never be the same.

Joe Nowacki


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True, true. Sad and disappointing.

Mother Hen

I'm thankful the US has changed. People of color are allowed to enter any business/school that they choose. The are allowed to vote. Women are allowed to vote. Women can also obtain a credit card in their own name. Equal housing opportunity exists and no more red-lining. Sexual harrassment in the workpace is illegal. Equal opportunity means an employer can't discriminate based on skin color or gender. These are just a few of the great changes that were long overdue.


I think you just have an antiquated way of referencing Native Americans. They are not indians, Thousands upon 1000's of Native Americans, Latino's and other minorities have been murdered, slaughtered poisoned etc. And you don't see a problem. You are a piece of work. Stop by my house sometime when you are masked and we can talk about it.

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