One of the greatest threats to this country is the vicious anti-white racism used by the Democrats and media to destroy Donald Trump. This anti-white racism is being used to threaten people who have conservative beliefs. The goal is to criminalize conservatives and use that as an excuse to put opponents into slave labor and kill them.

The Jan. 6 incident was not an attack on the Constitution. It was a legal rebellion against communism and tyranny.

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To the point truth. Thank you.


I just laughed so hard my coffee came out my nose. Seriously? I'm sorry that you are so ignorant to reality.

Mother Hen

"...slave labor and kill them..." Wow. Out of touch with reality and needs to watch diverse news sources!


Kudo's to the Dem's, have done absolutely nothing in two years but destroy this country as we knew it. The shadow of a man occupying the White House is a cognitive mess of a puppet bowing to the Liberal leftist.


This is how the crazy White Nationalists see things, be aware!


This is some acute Tucker Carlson brain poisoning.

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