Letter to the editor

Thursday morning, after inauguration day, I realized my usual mood was shifting as I surveyed the main news sources.

I was more relaxed, knowing that Donald Covfefe Bonespurs would not dominate the newsfeed, and that the odds of hearing him whine all morning were scant. After I wake up the iMac I always go to Mika Brezizinski on MSNBC first. Mika is a spot on barometer for the prevailing mood of the day. She warns me about what’s coming; just seeing her face cheers me. This morning she spoke about the inauguration ceremony with tender sentiment. Similarly, some friends told me they were moved to tears as Wednesday’s events unfolded.

For me, the day’s highlight was the young, inspiring poet, Amanda Gorman.

“We’ve braved the belly of the beast,” she said. She rendered Anderson Cooper “speechless” and that doesn’t happen often. My second favorite happening was when Vice President Kamala Harris swore in her Senate successor. When she read the names of those to be replaced, and came to her own name, she broke into hearty laughter and the mirth rippled merrily around the room. “That was very weird,” she quipped.

I asked my companion, “When was the last time we saw unscripted, playfully spontaneous emotion on the Senate dais?” We drew a blank.

It’s been a strange, dark winter but this morning I see sun and blue sky out my window. In the poet’s words, “There is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” She’s telling us that “we the people” have to summon the vitality to go on. If we want a rainbow after the some of the ugliest storms in our history, we must fashion it ourselves. The days are lengthening and, with a sharper, more wholesome crew in charge, perhaps we can afford some hope.

To me, the key to turning this corner is appreciating, down to our bones, that we’ve suffered enough. And we deserve better.

David Glenn


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Mother Hen

Well said. 100% agree with what you expressed. Thank you.

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