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Saturday, it appeared from both sides of the aisle that a corona-virus relief bill was close to being passed.

Even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer predicted a vote on Monday. So what did the Democrats in the House do? On Monday they dropped a 4,000-page bill and introduced a host of irrelevant proposals into the process, thus dooming the passage of the bill that the country desperately needs.

And what did the article covering this issue, in Tuesday’s Argus-Press report? The article by the AP included no detail about the issues that doomed the bill. No mention of new proposals dropped at the last minute. To understand how little the Democrats really care about the virus response you have to see the list of their proposals: Collective bargaining for federal employees, commercial airplanes to be carbon neutral by 2025 (The most optimistic dreamer knows that this is clearly impossible), early voting and same-day registration, retirement packages for community newspapers, diversity reporting requirements for corporate boards, a diversity rating requirement for credit unions and banks, and more.

We have a failed Democratic Party and a failed institutional news industry.

The New York Times changed its headline twice. Each time it got further from the truth and closer to the Democrats’ agenda. No. 1 was “Senate Democrats blocked action on a trillion-dollar stimulus plan.” Then it became “Democrats block action on stimulus plan seeking worker protections.” Finally: “Partisan divide threatens deal on rescue bill.”

Wednesday, only Fox News made any mention of the Democratic chicanery.

The New York Times, at one time the most respected U.S. newspaper, has become the poster child for the biased news industry that includes both the print news industry and most TV news programs. The news industry and the Democratic Party are now merged into a single entity. If you think you are getting the news from most print and TV news sources that will allow you to be an informed voter, you are sadly mistaken.

Michael Danek

Sciota Township

Editor’s note: The Senate approved a bill created through negotiations among senators and White House officials Wednesday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the House will take up and vote on the Senate bill today.

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Blaming the media is classic scapegoating. It's not the media that is the problem, that much is certain. Poor leadership always blames the media.


OOOPSIE Mikey. Wrong again. Maybe you should try something other than Fox News and the far right. Remember, they want anybody over 65 dead to save social security and medicare.

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