I just read State Rep. Ben Frederick’s website. I was shocked when I read that they want our ideas on how to fix the high insurance rates in our state.

I have a rather strange idea: Stop allowing the insurance lobby to run our state. I just heard on the news that Michigan is a state that is noted for keeping things on the hush and not allowing information to be made public.

It would seem that I, for one, voted for the wrong person when I voted for Fredrick.

If you people we voted in don’t have a clue on the insurance problem, then next term we must vote someone in who does. Something is wrong in Lansing when it comes to this insurance situation.

It would appear from the outside looking in that something shady is going on.

All the people in Lansing who are supposed to represent us say they know we need change when they are running for office but our rates keep going up. Why?

If you know the answer, please let us know because Frederick does not seem to know. If we were not forced to pay one of the top rates in the U.S. we would not be so upset about 45 cents per gallon increase in gas or a $70 million jail for a county of 70,000, but those in Lansing would rather we line the pockets of the insurance industries and those who lobby for them.

So, if have an idea on how to lower our insurance and will do what you say you will do, you will get my vote.

It would seem we voted wrong; we have voted in people who don’t have clue. They want us to send in our ideas on how to fix it, I have one. When it comes time to vote, vote them out. Vote someone in who has a clue.

Ken Whittle


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Boy! You want miracles. I gave him a suggestion two months ago to copy Ohio's insurance as they are in the lower 10 states. The mid western states are lower with the same weather conditions etc. But he's not interested. Only listens to the insurance lobbies, not his constituents! Keep votin' in...

Mother Hen

If politicians wanted to remedy our very high insurance premiums they would have years ago. This i not a new problem. Too bad OUR employees (elected representatives in government) can't and won't do their job. SMH. It will NEVER happen. The politicians don't want to lose the benefits of having a powerful lobby that they support.



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