Letter to the editor

May 7 is quickly approaching and it is with great passion and dedication to children and learning that I encourage you to be “in the know” as you head to the polls.

As a school board member at Ovid-Elsie, my responsibility is to make the best decisions for our students and district that I can with the information and resources given. I was approached with a lengthy list of district needs and a decision to make regarding how much to ask from our taxpayers to accomplish this.

Our school board is committed to being fiscally responsible and while we wanted to grant every need, we would not let it result in raising taxes for our community. We can make huge strides with the funding that comes from an extending our current loans for just three more years.

Then there was the tough part. I watched as a group of educators, directors, parents, coaches, staff, administration and community members worked through our district needs. Whether it be a classroom learning request, building structural concerns and upgrades, food service replacements, improvements on facilities for our music and arts programs, student athlete safety and facility needs, agricultural experiences and hands-on trade skills needing more space and resources, technology upgrades or essential safety changes — every single idea was discussed at length and ranked in importance.

These meetings were high in discussion, with people expressing concerns and suggestions toward what they felt our community and students would most benefit from. Thank you to all who gave their time and input to thoroughly consider all ideas and speak for our community, and come to a decision.

Moving forward, I am excited for our community to show their support for our students and district growth. At no additional cost, you can provide students with safer, cleaner, upgraded learning atmospheres. You can offer additional security and technology improvements. You can help build our music and drama programs by improving their facilities to grow and develop in. The fascinating experiences that our agricultural students can have and the growing curriculum opportunities will be a phenomenal addition in our community. The skill sets that develop in our hands on trade skill classes are amazing. You can provide our student athletes safer, updated competition facilities to reach for their goals. Our food service team takes great pride in offering students options that they enjoy and with choices- you can help make this more attainable. All you need to do is vote yes.

Thank you for considering the needs and opportunities we can give our students when you go to vote on May 7.

Brooke Wooley

Fairfield Township

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