Two recent contributors blame President Joe Biden for what they would call a fiasco, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Both, however, failed to recall, or purposely omitted, two important facts.

First, when the president of Afghanistan presumed the war was lost, he skipped town and I believe is currently in Qatar.

Second, after the high command of the Afghan army ultimately became aware of their president promptly leaving the county, one could also assume it didn’t take long for this fact to totally demoralize the 300,000 Afghan service personnel, who undoubtedly promptly discarded their weapons and uniforms, changed into civvies, and quickly melted back into the population. Would you have done the same?

The Afghan army was a well trained and equipped army and was still a functioning entity weeks prior to the end of the conflict. Perhaps they could have prevented what ultimately and unfortunately transpired.

Consequently, our president has had to take the blame for something that he absolutely couldn’t foresee — a coward’s choice to abandon his country.

Frank Davis


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Nice try but Biden's pull out of support for the Afghan troops began before the Kabul mess was created. “Mr. President,” Ghani replied, “We are facing a full-scale invasion, composed of Taliban, full Pakistani planning and logistical support, and at least 10-15,000 international terrorists, predominantly Pakistanis thrown into this, so that dimension needs to be taken account of.”

The Afghan capital of Kabul fell less than four weeks later, on Aug. 15., catching U.S. military leaders by surprise. On Aug. 10, officials warned Kabul’s fall would come within 90 days. Three days later, the timeline accelerated to predict the city’s fall in 72 hours.

When Biden claimed he would stay until all Americans were flown out was a lie. He bailed on our people - his biggest sin. And, now he won't talk about it. Just turns his back on the WH press reporters and all Americans.


And as far back as March they were told that there would be a withdrawal coming. And it is amazing that Trumpy started this as his way to support our allies....And to say 2400+ gave their lives for nothing. Started by a GOP pres.


When a person is at the top of the chain of command and the most powerful position in the world, that person is accountable for what happens. No matter how you spin it. Results are what matters in management. It's the only measure of effectiveness in any business. For example, when a baseball team's manager has a losing record, a good one doesn't blame everyone else, because it won't fly with the owners. They'll fire a bad manager, because anyone can be a loser. And, ol' Joe is finished with politics - even if he doesn't have the cognitive ability to recognize it now. Americans understand this and that's why his approval rating is the lowest ever at this point in his time in office. Oh, and about "Trumpy", sorry he lives in your head.


This sound mind you worship in your cult can't spell hamberders....

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