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Voter ID is a must in our state and country.

Any person in our state and country should be required to show proof who they are, period. Only in America, you must pay into unemployment insurance agency and be required by Michigan law to prove who you are. The UIA can take upwards of 15 weeks to review and verify, and can reject any claim.

Our state’s Democrats put this in place, causing undue hardship for our unemployed persons with late payments, or worst. The UIA is at best being run by a political appointed friend of the governor, who has no idea what she is doing. A governor whom the Michigan Supreme Court ruled her practices unconstitutional. We have an attorney general who is more interested in Democrat rule than the law and is more interested in politics the her job.

Michigan needs to require each and every person who wishes to vote to show ID to protect the vote, or require an in-person vote where the person must put a finger in ink.

Jeff Schumacher


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All I got from your oddly worded letter is that ideas proposed by Democrats are bad and those proposed by Republicans are good. Maybe take a minute and think about whether a problem really exists. According to all the courts that reviewed the evidence provided, there are virtually no problems with the voting process. Keep in mind that evidence is not the same as hearsay. In my Republican-run precinct, there were no problems. I am unable to vote in person, and my precinct had no problem with that. I had to be registered to vote, and I showed my ID when I registered. There are checks in place to assure that only one ballot is issued per registered voter. And signatures are compared to see if they are compatible. I have complete confidence in the voting process as it is. According to you, I should not be allowed to vote. That is undemocratic. I hope that if you are ever unable to go to the polls, you are still allowed to vote from home.

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