Some time ago, on this page, there was an article under the headline, “Here’s the truth, many can’t handle it,” which I feel compelled to disagree with.

The truth voiced, ticking point style, couldn’t be a better example of the increasing polarity between liberals and conservatives.

As Americans we have the right to speak out, voice our opinions, but where has the civility gone?

The word count constraint restrains me from addressing but a couple of the author’s truths, but one I take umbrage with is, “If Mexicans looked like Caucasians, we would not have a border crisis.” Along with the assertion we would allow them in. The skin color of these desperate migrants is irrelevant.

Poor economic circumstances and the desire for a better life in the greatest country on earth are why we have a border crisis. The U.S. can’t sustain thousands of undocumented people arriving every day, regardless of what they look like.

Americans, on the whole, are not racist and certainly not systemically so. Another truth I’d like to address is, “At least half of all cops are racist, brutal and unqualified.”

It is un-American and, frankly, irresponsible, to state such an opinion.

I, perhaps unfortunately, am quite certain I’ve had more interaction with the police than the average citizen and dispute this as altogether false.

Our police are doing an increasingly thankless service to American communities and deserve respect, not vilification.

Broad statements such as these show the intolerance becoming prevalent in an increasingly divided America.

The truth is tolerance for others who we disagree with leads to constructive and civil debate, a concept that, sadly, seems on the wane in today’s America.

We should be able to disagree without harsh words, scorn, and without ridicule of anyone’s religious beliefs.

America was founded on Christian principles, and our Founding Fathers would never have been affiliated with today’s Antifa.

Burning, looting, stealing others property under any guise — I just can’t imagine them, and certainly not Jesus, being part of that.

Jason Stallcup


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Even Jesus fled to Egypt to escape persecution. A true Christian would understand the plight of the immigrants that are crossing our borders. They just want to be safe and for their children to be able to grow up. We need to welcome more immigrants. We certainly have lots of work for them! Look at how many businesses can't hire the staff they need. Think like Jesus and welcome the poor. By sending them away, you are telling them that you don't care if they die. And yes, systemic racism is alive and well in the US. Anyone who cannot see that is part of the problem. We need to recognize racism in order to address it. And, by the way, Jesus came from the Middle East and in all likelihood did not have light brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin as he is so often portrayed in American churches. Yes, the church is also racist.

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