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I find it quite ironic that a rash of anti-gun letters to the editor all talk about how safe the Second Amendment is, how unnecessary a Second Amendment sanctuary is and “we’re not coming for your guns.”

Then the writers immediately follow it up with calls for unconstitutional red flag laws and an erroneous “assault weapon” ban. They also throw out vague statements about “the majority of gun owners” and “majority of polls say…” All the while they have absolutely no proof to back up their claims. They say, “fact check it.”

Well, I did fact check their statements. I found that a lot of their “facts” come from hack anti-gun groups — that won’t get any press from me — that bend statistics to fit their narrative. Did you know that their claims of “children killed by guns” includes people up to 24 years old, just to pump up the numbers? The large majority of them are gang-related shootings? No, they don’t tell you that.

Did you know that in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, then-President Barack Obama ordered the Justice Department to conduct studies of “gun violence” with the idea of using the information to implement anti-gun legislation? You never heard anything about it afterward. Why? Because their findings didn’t fit the anti-gun narrative.

It found what they had previously ascertained about the previous “assault weapon” ban. It did nothing to lower crime. They also found that for the thousands of times guns were used in crimes, up to 3 million people per year use guns legally to defend themselves from criminals.

And to top it all off, their presidential front-running candidate, Joe Biden, states he needs former candidate Beto O’Rourke to head up his anti-gun policies. You know, the guy that stated: “Hell yes we’re gonna’ take your AR-15, your AK-47…”

So, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t believe them when they say there is nothing to worry about and agree that we need our county to vote in favor of Second Amendment sanctuary.

Carl Stevens


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Look out! Obama is coming for your guns. Oh, wait. Didn't happen.....

JMB 1911

Not for lack of trying. And Biden and Beta are on video talking about their plan to take them.

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