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Regarding letter Sunday stating President Donald Trump “shares blame” for the downing of the Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iran’s military, the writer’s opinion is so filled with errors I could not ignore them, as I normally do.

First of all, let’s discuss the missile system that shot down the airliner. It was a surface-to-air missile system, manufactured by Russia and sold to Iran.

The Russians have the same technology the U.S. has, in being able to identify the type of plane that they are targeting. In other words, they can tell if the target is a B-52, a F-22 or a Boeing 737. The Russian radar system identifies the configuration of the target. These guys knew what they were shooting at. They did it, knowing they were targeting a civilian airliner.

Somebody in the Iranian military leadership gave the order to fire, not Trump. They murdered those people, most of them being Iranian citizens. Then, they indirectly blame it on Trump, just like the letter writer.

Secondly, the airliner was cleared for takeoff by Iranian Air Traffic Control, which controls all air traffic over Iran. They control takeoffs, flyovers and landings, just like in the U.S. The flight crew did not take off without the authority of Air Traffic Control. So, in other words, they were cleared for taxi, cleared for takeoff and given departure coordinates to take them out of Iranian airspace into Ukraine.

Third, the Iranians shot down the airliner at the very same time they were taking military action against the U.S. by attacking our military bases in Iraq. They were committing an act of war by firing at least 16 ballistic missiles into another sovereign country, attempting to murder more Americans. No wonder they were afraid of being counter-attacked.

Finally, I believe the writer should be more outraged that the Iranian military willingly and knowingly took aggressive military action against a civilian aircraft they knew was loaded with Iranian citizens and then started to cover it up by blaming America for their own skittishness.

The writer should pay attention to what the Iranian people are saying in their streets right now, and how outraged they are against their own government, for murdering innocent people.

But it’s more important to bash Trump, right?

Rick Hall


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Filled with "supposed" errors? Or just something you don't believe in? Two entirely different topics. And we don't have to bash trump. He does that daily on his ignorant tweets...


Racer Ray, please learn and listen, don't speak just to have something to say. You really do sound ridiculous a majority of the time.

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