Letter to the editor

I am the proud daughter of a World War II paratrooper. My father fought in Bastogne with the 101st Airborne all the way to Adolf Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.

I am now watching in horror and utter disgust at the events unfolding in Afghanistan. I wrote a story for the newspaper several years ago about the brave Belgian townspeople who were captured by the Nazis and forced to work assembling ammunition, but sabotaged their work.

My father’s entire squad was saved after a 20-minute shelling that revealed the contents to be of grease and sawdust, not gunpowder. He returned to Belgium 50 years later to thank the people who risked their lives for our soldiers.

Now we find ourselves in less than six months in the worst humanitarian crisis our country has seen since the Holocaust. Not only was this plan poorly orchestrated, had zero contingencies and was opposed by our allies and President Joe Biden’s military personnel, it has tremendous implications for our future. Compounded with the 4,000 unvaccinated migrants coming across our border every day, and defunding the police, this is a mess.

We have lost $85 million of equipment, planes, vehicles, Blackhawks, guns, etc., but also the records of the Afghan people who helped us.

At this moment they are being hunted down, dragged to their villages and towns and being forced to watch as their entire families, including children, are being beheaded just before they meet that fate themselves. Is this how America treats its friends? Who will ever consider helping us again?

I apologize to every veteran, young and old, who may be enduring the flashback of the citizens of a foreign country who may have aided them while fighting for our country on foreign soil, especially those who witnessed this exact scenario being played out in Saigon, Vietnam. We now know that not only has our equipment fallen to the Taliban, but al Qaida and ISIS is joining them as well.

We can only imagine what is coming. Do you feel safer today? I don’t.

Thank you veterans, many if us appreciate your sacrifice and your pain.

Deborah Bentley


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In total agreement here, frightening times.

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