Letter to the Editor

How is it possible that the far-left faction of the Democratic Party can lay blame on others without recognizing their own leader’s blatant incompetency on issue after issue?

Talking with some friends on the left, I’ve come to the conclusion the liberal media’s indoctrination agenda is partially to blame. It is almost impossible to hold a debate or discussion with many on the far left without hostility, and forget about bringing up Donald Trump.

I used to think the term Trump Derangement Syndrome to be just a cynical taunt by far right media commentators, but this could be an actual disorder.

I have quite a wide variety of associates to use as a sounding board, so to speak, and it seems most Trump haters won’t even consider their own political leaders’ shortcomings.

Currently, it’s the mishandling of the Afghanistan exit the Democrats refuse to accept responsibility for, placing blame on former President Trump instead of President Joe Biden.

It is true Trump negotiated the end to the Afghanistan war. It is also true Trump, in 2017, stated very clearly that when we exit Afghanistan is must be done in a well-coordinated, organized way.

Biden’s poor leadership has cost many people their lives. As of this past July, the U.S. had a visa application backlog of some 18,000 Afghan translators and others who believed themselves to be in danger from the Taliban for their work with the Americans.

Yet Biden’s administration didn’t see fit to expedite those requests.

We abandoned people to be murdered, removing almost all of our military personnel, leaving people behind, not to mention tens of billions of dollars in military equipment.

Our political leaders need to be held accountable, regardless of their party, when they have failed us, crossed a criminal line or are simply incompetent as it is clear Biden is.

Where are, I ask without cynicism, the demands by the media for a mental competency/cognitive exam like the one so vociferously demanded of Trump? The media’s silence on this matter speaks volumes.

Jason Stallcup


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Great letter.

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