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“What gun safety advocates like myself and the many victims of gun violence are really asking for is a constructive dialogue that will de-escalate the out-of-control gun violence epidemic in this country.”

No, actually, they aren’t.

There is no dialogue with any anti-gun operatives. You want to talk gun safety? How about this — in 2013, after Sandy Hook, President Barack Obama commissioned the CDC to do a study on gun violence. Hoping to use it as ammunition in their fight for restrictive gun control, the left/Democrats crowed and touted it as ending the arguments about gun control.

The report came out in August 2013 and the left/Democrats never spoke of it again. Seems the report eviscerated the Democratic gun control ideas. It found little to no evidence that the star idea — universal background checks would have any effect on gun violence, as criminals almost always obtain firearms outside the commercial marketplace. They borrow them from family and friends or purchase them illegally on the street.

The other big talking points — bans on specified firearms ammunition; restrictions on firearm acquisition and magazine size; waiting periods for firearm acquisition; firearm registration and licensing of owners; zero tolerance for firearms in schools — all had no evidence of any effect.

It even found that defensive gun usage, where a “good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun”…or knife, bat, etc., happened anywhere from 600,000 to 2.5 million times per year.

Even more embarrassing for the Democrats, the findings of this report were mirrored in a 2003 study done by the CDC. So, with this information, did the Democrats stop and say, “Maybe we should rethink our position?”

No. Instead they buried it as best they could and pushed on with those very ideas. So, why would they do that — march onward with ideas that they knew wouldn’t lower gun violence? Unless, reducing gun violence really wasn’t what they wanted at all.

As far as not taking any guns away from people, they need to get their stories straight. There are many, many videos of President Joe Biden and other Democrats expounding that very intention.

So, no, there is no dialogue with the anti-gun operatives.

Carl Stevens


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It's never about facts with the Lefties, unless, of course, they find ways to pervert them; always image and control. Period. Funny how they always try the end-runs around the Second Amendment. Maybe they don't know that the Constitution can be amended. But, dang it. That won't work, either and for one simple reason: They don't represent the majority, like their Marxist voices portend to.

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