Letter to the editor

We are writing today regarding the upcoming proposal for a new county jail.

While we are concerned with the condition in which persons not yet convicted of a crime are housed, just as concerning is the cost Shiawassee taxpayers will face should the Michigan Department of Corrections close our jail.

Given the recent spate of malfunctions (burst sewage pipes, etc.) it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Shiawassee County Jail would be closed by the state. Neighboring counties, which would then house our inmates, would charge $45 per day to house our inmates (100 on average). In a single year alone, this would cost us more than $1.6 million; money which we would be sending out of our county.

Also, should the jail close, 20 of our deputies would be put out of work adding the additional costof transporting our prisoners between an out of county jail and the courthouse in Corunna. Arresting officers in our county would be forced to take time to drive anyone arrested into another county, leaving much less time to do their jobs protecting citizens here at home.

The current jail, which was never built correctly in the first place, has lasted our county more than 50 years. With many health-threatening issues occurring in this building, we are concerned with the safety not just of prisoners, but employees who are also subject to these conditions.

Brian BeGole was elected to the office of sheriff in 2016 with roughly 70 percent of the vote. He came to office to serve as our sheriff knowing the bad condition the county jail has been in for many years. In the short time BeGole has been in office he has done much to restore services to the citizens of Shiawassee County, as well as restoring the trust and relationships between his department and local governments. He has opened the doors of communication, laid out the facts and led a genuine effort to treat the taxpayers as partners in his process. He has been forthcoming about the needs of the department, and has duly advised us of the negative impacts of our failure to act.

As mayors of this county, we have toured the jail with Sheriff BeGole and are convinced that our Sheriff’s Office deserves better. Please consider these points when voting in the May election. We hope you will join us in voting yes.

Christopher T. Eveleth

Mayor of Owosso

James Hugulet

Mayor of Perry

Deb Doyle

Mayor of Durand

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Then let the "three" mayors pay for it. My $7.55 Trump tax cut disappeared with the GOP tax shift in this state and the rising gas prices.....


Imagine the forces to be reckoned with if a mayor did not agree? We don't have politicians like that anymore. Everybody get in line.

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