There is now an emerging debate on the following: Did Trump’s decision to assassinate the Iranian general result in the unintended consequence of Iran’s downing of a Ukrainian civilian airliner? Let’s look at the facts.

Following Iran’s countermeasure of launching several missiles targeting an American base in Iraq, their defense forces were no doubt on high alert.

Obviously believing this aircraft was an enemy reaction to their missile attack, they mistakenly and impulsively shot down the innocent flight, killing 176.

Although this general was vulnerable to elimination on many occasions in the past, this is precisely the kind of unintended consequence which led both George Bush and Barack Obama to reject taking out the Iranian commander.

It is certainly true that the pilot’s decision to take off — in the midst of heightened tensions in the region — was hard to comprehend.

Once in the air, the fate of these passengers was clearly at great risk.

But it matters little to the families of the victims, whether the fault lies with the Iranian missile commander, or the American president who set the first domino in motion.

The truth is that Donald Trump has conducted his foreign policy by both impulsive tweets — and uniformed, irrational conclusions.

He has dismissed more experienced former generals and professional diplomats than any chief executive in modern history.

Add to this consistent refusal to listen to rational voices, and his need to deflect, yet again, from all his past corruption — and you have a perfect storm for the creation of unintended consequences.

Thomas Smith


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Ah, yes. Anyone taking the Iranian position by suggesting there is a debate on blame, would naturally contend as much.


A person who presidents by tweets instead of showing leadership is guilty of a lot!

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