I see that the kerfuffles over special deputies and tow truck procedures have been resolved or, at any rate, relegated to the back burners.

Now, I’d like to know, do the county cruisers still advertise in God we trust? If so, why?

To what purpose?

Which god?

And what it is we are trusting God to do?

Tom Nicoll


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Wake up dude, you sound like an idiot.


Two votes for IDIOT....

Mother Hen

The questionable tow truck practices are far from over-a lawsuit has been filed against Begole, and others. The "kerfuffle" is just beginning.

From the Argus Press: Rob Lepley, owner of Lepley and Sons towing of Owosso, alleges in his lawsuit, filed in United States District Court’s Eastern District of Michigan, that Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole “has been unfairly favoring one of (Lepley’s) competitiors, i.e. Allstar Towing,” by selective enforcement of the county’s towing policy, which resulted in Lepley’s company being removed from the tow rotation in November 2018. The lawsuit claims the policy “was put in place by the defendant (BeGole) as an excuse in which to justify the removal of (Lepley’s) from the rotation which would benefit Allstar Towing, whose owner (Richard Gokee, Jr.) is (BeGole’s) friend.”

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