Letter to the editor

Sunday’s letter, “Mueller made clear Trump wasn’t cleared by report” is hogwash.

The writer stated, “If Donald Trump had not been guilty of committing a crime, Mueller’s report would have conclusively said so.” It is obvious the writer does not understand America’s justice system.

In America you are considered innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until you can prove your innocence. You can’t prove a negative. I could claim I believe that the writer of the editorial has robbed a bank. Does that make him guilty until he proves he hasn’t robbed a bank? How in the world could he possibly prove he has never robbed a bank? That is why it is important that you have to be proven guilty rather than prove you are innocent.

Mueller and his 18 highly biased liberal prosecutors and lawyers spent two years and $30 million interviewing more than 500 witnesses. In many cases prosecuting and throwing the witnesses in jail, hoping to get some kind of evidence against the president. If they had been able to get even a shred of evidence against the president, believe me they would have definitely reported or leaked it.

Since they couldn’t find any concrete evidence, the best they could do to discredit the president was to say they couldn’t prove his innocence. Even Mueller and his hate-filled cronies know you can’t prove a negative.

Gary Hammond

Shiawassee Township

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I know it's legal but I'm not sure what you are smoking. What he said was "you can't indict a sitting president." So don't turn into Ronald McDonald with your distortions.

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