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The Democrats’ obsession for impeachment obviously began long before our duly elected president ever had opportunity to commit any so-named “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Their secretive, one-sided harassment should scare us all, yet that action may not be the worst of all. Whether such drastic measures are justified or not, truthful or not, successful or not, the biased reporting of these events by our largely vindictive media could certainly impact the 2020 elections at all levels.

That may well be just one step in the open crusade to change the very fabric of the best place to live on the planet. As I try to watch the supposed reporting of the news across the spectrum of TV channels, the almost verbatim phraseology of their scripts certainly smacks of a central effort to reprogram the thinking of our citizenry.

The mere thought of our society and government succumbing to the extremely liberal, self-proclaimed progressive socialists who dominate my former, once moderate, Democratic party, is to say the least, disturbing.

They have a proclivity for open borders and unfettered illegal immigration, allowing murderous felons and potential terrorists for whom they have the audacity to provide treasonous “sanctuary cities.” While expressing concern for and adherence to the Constitution they have intent to annul the second and maybe parts of the first amendments.

Though well-intentioned, they have a questionable, at times hypocritical preoccupation with climate change, a natural, recurring phenomenon. Disturbing, however, is their apparent willingness to bankrupt the U.S. economy with unilateral measures, likely to be only token in the global scheme of things.

Undoubtedly, the liberals long to return to their traditional tax and spend policies to include unaffordable, unrealistic educational programs and unlimited free health care, including illegal aliens.

Not to be taken lightly is recent talk of even closing prisons, and the incessant accusations of everyone’s “sexism” and “racism,” to the extent those words no longer have definition or credibility. Frustrating too, is the current disturbing pathetic quagmire over sexual identity and gender recognition which, for one thing, has undermined the hard-fought for Title IX; now allowing biological males to dominate women’s sports.

Especially upsetting is the seemingly left-led disdain and disrespect of our law-enforcement officers, and efforts to change traditional educational curricula; notably rewriting history, and demeaning math as racist or sexist? Vexing our society too, is the current fixation on, at times absurd, “political correctness.” Is this what we want to leave for our future generations?

No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, let us not let America sink deeper into this abyss of socialism.

John E. Morovitz


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Well said & well written!


Yup! And Ronald McDONALD and the rest of the far right are perfect.....

C.W. Perkins

Well said, Mr. Morovitz. Your perspective on the current situation in America is right on!


Huh? And what did raise your taxes Snyder to the people of Michigan? Oh, Isee. It's justifiable when done by a repub. Gotcha

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