Letter to the editor

I must admit each day I wait in anticipation of yet another theory by the conspiracy brothers of Durand and Owosso.

In the letter published June 11, one of them profers that Vladimir Putin seems to have the Republicans over the barrel. His thesis is pure lib logic. According to his theory, in 2016 the Russians hacked both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee. They gave Wikileaks the “missing” emails (from an illegal server) that Hillary Clinton illegally deleted and “couldn’t remember” details about to Congress.

But because the Russians haven’t leaked anything one of the twins thinks they might have gathered from the “so corrupt” RNC they must be blackmailing them.

Gosh, the twins would never consider it, but could it be just as likely the Russians didn’t find anything they could use — proving the RNC isn’t corrupt, unlike the wealth of info gathered and used from his “uncorrupt” Democrats?

Randy Rhodes


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So if you are going to defend the perfect GOP, what would happen to you if you defied a subpoena? Thought so....

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