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Ever since he lost the election, former President Donald Trump has continued to espouse the Big Lie theory, even though every state certified the election results.

His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, also failed in 59 of 60 court cases across the country, in an attempt to change the election results. The recent Cyber Ninja sham ballot exercise in Arizona also actually produced more votes for President Joe Biden, much to the disgust of Trump. If Trump actually knew the election was going to be fraudulent, he certainly was justified to promote his Stop The Steal effort.

It has been 10 months since the election. Didn’t Trump, who promoted the Stop the Steal theory, have an obligation prior to the election to disclose how a subversive movement was going to affect the balloting process, and possibly the results of the election.

So far, for some unknown reason, Trump has still failed to disclose the source of this information. After the election, and as the apparent leader of the Republican Party, didn’t Trump also have an ethical obligation, especially to the party leadership, and to those who voted for him, to disclose how the 2020 election was fraudulent, how it was simultaneously implemented, and successfully carried out in 50 states.

Again, Trump has failed to disclose this information.

Certainly, anyone with any sense of curiosity, would have to assume Trump’s claim of alleged election fraud, requiring conspirators working at all levels of local, county and state governments, most likely would have been an almost impossible task to organize and to implement nation-wide. Also, this effort could not have happened without the master plan eventually becoming known to the public, and to those at all levels of government.

Trump has seemingly been either unable or unwilling to disclose specific details regarding the alleged fraudulent election. As a known narcissist, Trump likely wouldn’t hesitate to say or do anything, including failing to admit that the Stop the Steal and the Big Lie theories were actually just another,,of his thousands of lies. Regardless and fortunate fqr him, Trump still possess the uncanny ability to continue to have a convincing hold on his followers without disclosing the facts to support his position of a fraudulent election.

Apparently, Trump’s followers, without question nor hesitation, still continue to believe the Stop the Steal and Big Lie theories or they just don’t care enough about our country to inquire. Meanwhile, Trump is still promoting his Big Lie theory.

If Trump is the candidate in 2024, his followers are going to have to make a critical decision, either they want our country to continue as a democracy or, as Trump might — and as he recently attempted — to possibly establish of autocratic form of government with him at the helm.

Frank Davis


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Mother Hen

Lack of ethical behavior and a pathological liar. This is Trump's legacy and what he is remembered for. History will not be kind when it recalls Trump.

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