I don’t have “cognitive disconnect,” I just made a statement based in reality in dealing with gun control and ”safety” advocates.

To have a dialogue with opposing viewpoints, you are basically bargaining for your point of view, a give-and-take so to speak. What are you willing to give up?

Say we were to give you your “assault weapon” ban. What would we get out of it? Would you give us constitutional carry in which we wouldn’t need a concealed carry permit?

What if we give you your magazine size restriction? Would you agree in doing away with erroneous “gun free zones?” My guess would be absolutely no way.

So, here we are.

By the way, you speak about violence toward women. Believe it or not, as a father of two daughters, I am with you. But we diverge on the answer. Did you know, in this era of record-breaking firearm sales, that the largest number of sales are to women? Their main reason for buying is self-defense.

From a previous letter you state that you’ve been in a domestic violence situation in which you had been shot at. Do you think the coward who was shooting would have been so brave if he had bullets flying back at him? My guess is he wouldn’t have been.

You can rely on others for your protection. That’s your choice. I choose to be the first line of defense for my family. It’s all about having a choice, isn’t it?

Oh, and the name calling? Let’s leave that to the school kids.

Carl Stevens


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Beautiful !


Well articulated, again, my friend. The root of the problem - killing - evolves within one's perverted mind. Deal with that. Heck, if we used the Left's rationale to fight obesity, we'd ban spoons.

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