Letter to the editor

Regarding “OPS: We are Listening” in the July 28 paper, I would like to see corroboration for Marlene Webster’s allegation that Owosso had signs at its borders saying that “people of color were not allowed to stay here overnight.”

I’ve been going into and out of Owosso since the late 1940s and do not remember any such signs. I could have missed them in the late ’40s, but I will be very surprised if I learn I missed them after that. I lived in the city until late 1967 and have been close ever since.

Furthermore, the set of comments from which this was taken presumes that Owosso is a racist city. “Owosso is racist because…” “We have a problem because…” “We will not be able to solve this problem overnight…” “…try to find a solution to what we all — I think — would agree is a problem here.”

These comments and all the demands are inconsistent with what I believe is the true Owosso. This presumption of the whole city being racist and the uncivil demands is not going to help unite the city in improving on a situation which while not perfect (is anything perfect?), is far from “broken.”

Michael J. Danek

Sciota Township

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