Letter to the editor

I contend, among many other readers, that the press is in a super hype mode regarding COVID-19.

Two examples: The first is the mathematics of the numbers affected. Last week, the number or those affected was 2,200 people across the United States. I recently heard the total population of the entire U.S. was 330 million.

Take your calculator and divide 2,200 by 330 million. You get a figure like 0.0000666 percent (far less than even 1 percent.) When was the last time the press emphasized the total people who died of drug overdose or the hundreds of people killed by drunk drivers or pedestrians killed? Or the traffic deaths that occurred during the July 4 holiday in 2019? Or the citizens killed by gunfire? Or suicides? Or just plain influenza?

Are the comparisons not newsworthy? Apparently not.

My next example of hyper news. I took a green felt pen and made brackets around all of the headlines in the March 15 edition of The Argus-Press that had anything to do with COVID-19. Total bracketed headlines: 24.

I, too, am taking the entire pandemic seriously. But are we reporting about those who have died from the virus or those who have contracted it and, in all probability, will recover?

How often is the profile of an affected person reported such as age, health status, travels or type of residence?

Enough is enough.

James Crawford

New Lothrop

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Yup. And the ink on the newspapers is what caused the outbreak....

JMB 1911

Yup. And all you leftys supply the junk they put in ink.


Yup. Blame the media for you not being smart enough to not follow the Cult of Trumpism. Everything is the fault of the left. Caronavirus is fault of media too. And Trump is God according to you righties. "Virus will be gone by warm weather in April." Oops. Wrong again. The medicine the "smart guy" touted just killed someone in Az.

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