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The writer who claims Congressman Deven Nunes dishonors his oath of office got it all wrong. It is the clown Rep. Adam Schiff who is making a mockery of Congress.

How can anyone take him seriously when he fabricates phone calls and provides false evidence trying to convict the president of a crime he didn’t commit.

What a waste of time and money. First it was the president conspiring with the Russians to overthrow the election. When that proved to be false they tried to prove the president was bribing the Ukrainians to investigate and destroy Joe Biden’s run for president. When the president released the actual phone calls their lies were completely refuted.

These far left liberals, who I don’t believe represent most Democrats, seem willing to go to great extremes to bring down a president who was duly elected. Be careful what you wish for. The next time a Democratic president, whom we might not agree with, is elected there could also be a call for impeachment before they even take office. This can work both ways. Back off.

If you don’t like the president, vote him out of office. Don’t try to destroy his presidency through impeachment based on falsely created evidence. I felt that President Barack Obama was probably the worst president in my lifetime (14 from Franklin Roosevelt through Donald Trump). While I disagreed with most of his policies, along with the damage he did to the military, he was still the president. Impeachment is meant to remove a person from office for serious offenses, not just because we don’t like them or disagree with their policies.

I personally would like to see these far left liberals get the impeachment through the House of Representatives. I believe when it got to the Senate the truth would come out, exposing what liars Schiff and his hateful cronies really are. It would also expose the elite swamp who think they know what is better for us than we do ourselves. The swamp hates the president since he is draining it. The swamp includes many from both parties. There are some who deserve to be in prison,

Gary Hammond

Shiawassee Township

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Agree 100%. Thank you!


The libs have made their own bed, and when the dust settles, they'll be crying for another 4 years. They really had nothing to lose, because their hard left proposals were not selling to the very Americans that are enjoying prosperity. Government generates nothing without extracting first from the populace that's wise to the code words of control.


Oh course he won't be impeached. Because the gutless GOP in the Senate don't have the buckeyes to impeach knowing that they would get their clocks cleaned with Mikey Pence as their candidate in 2020.

C.W. Perkins

Gary Hammond, well said. I agree with you 100%.

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