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This may offend some, but I’d like to speak up. Owosso is not racist as it has been accused of being.

Identity politics seeks to divide Americans. Groups such as antifa and Black Lives Matter were funded into existence with disunity in mind. Operaties of the new Democratic party, the mainstream media, our educatiional system, etc., have an egenda: indoctrination. Today’s woke America has little patience with its narrative being challenged.

A writer recently twisted my words, refuting his self-described truth that at least half of all cops are racist into saying I’d said I’d seen no racism in policing in our community.

He also asserted that ever since he can remember, he’s seen anti-human terrorism in Owosso and used Malcom X’s book to back up his Owosso-is-a-racist-town claims.

We Americans have grown as a people, our culture becoming less white or Black into a multi-racial American culture. Just look about, it is evident everywhere, even in small-town Owosso.

The media and aforementioned want us to believe otherwise. Nonsense. Critical Race Theory and the like, being used to cause racial disunity — an egenda that bodes ill for our country. We need to speak up by voting those who employ identity politics out of office.

I stand by my statement that there is no systemic racism in America. There are some racists, of all skin tones.

I ask which system holds back anyone of color in today’s America?

The Democratic party uses America’s ugliest past to race bait and having the voice of the mainstream media they speak loudly to try to convince us of how inherently racist white people are.

This is America of the 21st century, anyone of any ethnicity can succeed and prosper here through hard work. Our nation’s past is far from perfect, but we’ve grown, together. Cancel Culture only strives to pull us back. Who could possibly disagree with this truth?

Jason Stallcup


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Maybe you should skip the social media stuff and look at the actual history. You obviously have not paid any attention to the actual FACTS that have been in the reputable news. That does not include FOX, CNN, or social media. Read some books, watch PBS news, verify everything that you read. There is absolutely no doubt that systemic racism still exists. You are suggesting that we put on blinders and pretend that there are no differences between the way whites and all other people of color (Native Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans...) have been treated. Consider access to voting, bank loans, buying a house in a whites-only neighborhood. White dominance has been supported by the legal system. Check it out! Pretending that racism does not exist just supports the agenda of the White Supremacists. Look around you. Have a serious conversation with a variety of people of color. Get educated. Then come back here and tell us what you have learned from the FACTS.


Awesome letter! He obviously never visited the south!

Mother Hen

"There are none so blind as those who will not see." ~~ John Heywood, 1546

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