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A July 8 letter opened with the unsubstantiated claim that President Donald Trump “is the first President in modern history to never have his support rise to 50 percent.”

True or not, one proven fact is he is the first person in modern history elected to the presidency with polls saying 90 percent probability it wouldn’t happen.

While the writer waits for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to “shine the national spotlight,” the rest of us can actually read that he found no collusion. In fact, former President Barack Obama’s vice president is on record that there could/would never be any Russian interference of an election on his or Obama’s watch. Note: The 2016 election was on their watch.

Hold on to those obstruction dreams.

It becomes clear the writer not only hasn’t read the report but didn’t listen to the president’s Fourth of July speech. Had he done so, he wouldn’t need to ask “what did he say about…” repetitively during his letter. He would know.

But it is really nice to see the writer is concerned about “the future of our commitment to fund veterans programs…” especially after eight years of sitting silent as those very programs were cut under Obama. It’s a little late, but getting there earns some credit.

Randy Rhodes


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Mother Hen

Interesting info. https://news.gallup.com/poll/203198/presidential-approval-ratings-donald-trump.aspx


Five time draft dodger pretends to care about his military. BULL

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