Letter to the editor

My husband has a bone to pick with people in Owosso who think they can park anywhere.

We shop at Kroger, and while I’m in the store getting stuff, he is watching the spot people like to use — people who don’t belong there.

He is a veteran of Vietnam and knows what other veterans have gone through for our country, freedom and democracy.

The handicap parking spot at Kroger is just for “Purple Heart” wounded veterans — veterans who paid a big price for our freedoms.

People need to speak up and tell others not to park in a “Purple Heart” spot.

My husband chases people out of that spot. Whether they like it or not, he tells them to move.

Dianna Reed


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Absolutely! And thank you to your husband for his service. Those who park in the Handicap Parking spots should be ashamed and stop doing it. I see it all the time as well. Do yourself a favor, park further down the way, a nice walk does a body good. A message to all - Handicap Spots are for Handicap persons only.

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