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Adults across the global landscape have miserably failed to care and protect our children. I don’t claim to understand it. I just know it is true.

To get to the basics, we are animals that do not know how to take care of our offspring. This is the sordid truth.

In nature, an infant is not likely to survive to adulthood if its basic animal needs are not early met. By the time our pre-homo ancestors appeared, proficient child care behavior was established across the animal kingdom.

I might guess many will not agree that we fail to support our children. I came to this dismal truth by simply paying attention. The sum total of dashed human potential is on a par with the most recent outsized, astronomical numbers encountered.

Infant mortality, child abuse and neglect, the human wastage among children from easily treated diseases, childhood poverty, the sexual exploitation of pre-teens and pre-adults — all these and more are our shame.

It doesn’t end there. The damage has been done and what poor measure to the promise will be, will be. It is an unnerving realization to understand that our children are born as premature as structurally possible.

Upon arrival with appropriate gestational foundation, the helpless human child is becoming at light speed. I imagine two early periods, at 18 months and three years, as being both arbitrary and adventitious demarcations of earliest human becoming.

At our most helpless, we enter human society and the sweepstakes of life. If basic needs be provided, then the toddler has a shot at promise. Unless, they happen to enter a society (think of the lioness bringing her cubs to the pride) that is unable to properly take care of them.

If not convinced, I would not be surprised. I acknowledge that I have provided only a hyphenated path to the understanding. But, consider the dismal question and look around, and ask of the value we place on our children.

Rich Labdon


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