I am a 73-year-old white man. I was taught by my father and his father before him that I am no better, nor less than any other man.

I listened last night as another white man in Iowa spoke in pride of being just “another white man,” clearly implying that he believed his skin color was a badge of dignity; that he was being judged by non-whites.

What has become of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln?

What has become of the great GOP that fought a brutal war to end the immorality of slavery and second-class citizenship. That angry Iowa man has been taught by another Republican president that non-whites are invaders, infesting our great white nation. And in the name of Trump’s white nationalism, that Iowa man excuses locking brown children in cages — and separating them from their parents, perhaps forever.

Is this the nation Lincoln foresaw? I think not.

Thomas Smith


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Trump thinks he is better than any person on earth. Just ask him...

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