Speaking for the first time during his two-year tenure as Special Counsel, Robert Mueller made three facts clear:

The Russians interfered in the 2016 election with the intention of hurting Hillary Clinton’s electoral chances while helping those of Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump had not been guilty of committing a crime, Mueller’s report would have conclusively said so.

The reason Mueller did not accuse Trump of criminal behavior was solely because of the Justice Department policy of “not indicting a sitting president.”

Mueller’s brief statement completely contradicted Attorney General William Barr’s contention that the special counsel did not charge Trump because “there was insufficient evidence” to do so. In other words, Mueller was saying — unambiguously— that while he couldn’t bring charges for the Trump obstruction cataloged in volume two of the report, Congress now has both the evidence and the power to hold the president accountable.

Mueller will now be likely to be called before the House Judiciary Committee, where he will have the opportunity to give his report the exposure and emphasis which Trump and Barr have striven, thus far successfully, to avoid. Congress, ultimately, will pursue the justice which Mueller couldn’t; and his report will provide the road map.

Thomas Smith


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