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As of Tuesday, the Sept. 22 Committee of the Whole and Sept. 23 Board of Commissioners meetings are scheduled to take place at 5 p.m. at the Surbeck Building.

Have the commissioners decided they no longer want or expect large numbers of taxpaying citizens to attend their future meetings? It tells me they want to limit attendance thereby limiting public comments. Heaven forbid if there’s another hidden reason.

With Surbeck seating limited to maybe 20 to 30 individuals, what happens if a larger crowd shows up? Will the meetings be rescheduled and relocated to a larger venue, which is required if I’m not mistaken?

The commissioners need to remember they were elected to represent the citizens of their districts. Listening and responding to citizen’s comments and concerns, including changing meeting times as requested numerous times, is part of this process.

I hope many citizens continue to attend these meetings, holding the commissioners’ feet to the fire, until such time as positive actions are being taken with hidden/personal agendas minimalized or removed completely.

Paula Brooks

Vernon Township

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I agree and hope as many people as possible attend this and future meetings. For too long the board has essentially worked for itself. They continue to ignore what are very reasonable requests. Why are they unwilling to even discuss something as simple as changing the meeting time? To accommodate the wishes of one commissioner, they agreed to move the September meetings back one week with almost no discussion. I found it amusing that two commissioners voted against the motion to add this item to the agenda, then voted in favor of moving the meetings. Apparently the commissioners are more than willing to take care of themselves, but not the citizens of Shiawassee county. It is time for things to change.

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