Letter to the editor

To begin with, we have a choice: a mask or a casket.

What a way to celebrate the day; the Washington Post stated our illustrious leader has 20,000 lies to date. One that highlights this is his comment that Democrats are fascist.

The early signs of fascism are:

— Powerful and continuing nationalism

— Disdain for human rights

— Supremacy of the military, such as stormtroopers in Portland and Washington, D.C.

— Rampant sexism

— Controlled mass media

— Labor unions suppressed

— An obsession with crime and punishment

— Fraudulent elections

— Rampant corruption

— A love for autocrats

This character should look in the mirror before he opens his mouth.

Jack Erhardt

Burns Township

(4) comments

Mother Hen

100% agree. We are well on our way to fascism with the current president.

JMB 1911

Funny. I thought a tenet of fascism was disarming of the citizenry to control them easier?

Which party is it that is continually trying to disarm the people?


Yup. Chicken Little. Obama is coming for our guns! Nope...

JMB 1911

Uhhh, you're behind the times. Obama hasn't been in office for almost 4 years now. No wonder you're so ill-informed.

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