I have watched the news for several days now as the government of Afghanistan fell like a house of cards. It is frightening and extremely sad for those of us watching and those citizens living through the unraveling of the country.

I wonder what we can take away from this experience so our country does not ever again repeat this? I know that in the next few weeks and months, much time will be spent throwing blame around here in the U.S. and worldwide. I for one would like to hope that instead of playing the blame game, we might as a nation just stop and regroup.

Does sending weapons work? Does going to war work? I think we need to focus our efforts on humanitarian solutions rather than using force. The common person can benefit from this much more than they can a bombed out city. I agree with the former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson: Our government needs a Department of Peace.

Let’s try this instead: I’ve been told so many times over my life that you find what you are looking for; let’s try looking for ways to be peaceful.

Cheryl Farver


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