Resolving at present, underneath and behind, the total rot and corruption of the Trump presidency, will be found an international conspiracy of mega grifters and potentates, spread around the globe, centered in Moscow, and operating for the last quarter century.

Remember that going back to the 1990s, Donald Trump’s credit rating was such that no American bank would lend to him. It’s reported Trump’s hotels and casinos were declared bankrupt six times from 1990 to 2010.

Trump’s credit bust was also coincident with the transition of the USSR’s state-run economy from communism to the eventual criminal looting of Russia by the oligarchs.

At the same time, and almost out of nowhere, comes Deutsche Bank to capitalize on the sudden and substantial plunder of Russian corruption; and to support Trump to solvency. Other banks, like the Bank of Cyrus, and many others were soon complicit in hiding and laundering vast amounts of ill-gotten cash and resources.

Think back to the last year of the 2016 election. For most of those 12 months, I suspect that candidate Trump was thinking mostly about the prospects of the, then in development, deal for a Trump Moscow building.

And, post-election, he would claim the presidency was stolen from him and take his followers to some popular platform from which to enrich himself; all the while beholding to Putin and willing to undermine U. S. interests for him.

And then, in something of a perfect storm, the surprising vulnerability of American political culture to an ugly populism was crucially exploited by this well-known con man, who inexplicably became president.

All of these currents were streaming together by the turn of the century: the breakup of the USSR; Trump’s credit and money issues; the wholesale corruption and looting of the new Russian economy; and the pliability and criminality of the deregulated international banking industry.

And, in 2000, along comes the former KGB spy master, Vladimir Putin, whose “Make Russia Great Again” has been copied by many right-wing, populist, would-be dictators, including our own. To this day, Putin, has been unchallenged and in brutal control of the Russian people and State.

No longer acknowledged a superpower, and dependent upon price-volatile oil and gas exports, Putin assessed the situation and decided it would be easier to weaken the Western democratic nations than properly build his own country.

In fact, much of the disrupting craziness infecting the Western world at present, such as Brexit, as well as Trump’s troubling actions around the globe and here at home, might best be viewed through the lens of the previous paragraph.

The grifters show up, from all over, to facilitate and partake in the flow of stolen wealth into the hands of the undeserving thieving elite. Paul Manafort, now in jail, is perhaps the best American example of these criminal players.

Just now, with the abrupt American military departure from northern Syria, is an example of a Trump decision and action that seems to only benefit Russian interest at the expense of the United States.

Turkey, as NATO’s southern flank, has always been an irritant and strategic issue frustrating Russia’s ambitions southward toward the Mediterranean and Middle-East.

Now, after a phone call with Turkey’s authoritarian President Erdogan, Trump has done him and Putin a good service — the Kurds be damned.

When the disaster of Trump is understood in its revealed fullness, Russia and Putin, will be front and center. How deep and wide will be the conspiracy, and the national harm and damage, remains to be learned.

Rich Labdon


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