Letter to the editor

Right on, to the letter writer Friday, your letter hit all the nails right on the head.

Most of us don’t care if our president is a nice guy. We didn’t hire him to be nice, or for his personality or warmth. We hired him to do the job of managing the country effectively. We care that he has the welfare of the country as his most important priority, and Donald Trump did.

He couldn’t be bought, he faced the dishonest media and called them out for their bias, and he was subjected to the most hostile media coverage of any president in history. Plus a four-year, false vendetta called “Russian collusion” that caused the government to spend all its energy and resources trying to destroy him while China and Russia grew in power and influence, to our disadvantage.

What do we have now? A “nice guy?” We have a nice puppet, pandering to the radical lefties whose agenda was recently trounced in Virginia and threatened in New Jersey.

Also an incompetent puppet who couldn’t even understand that before you leave Afghanistan, and before you lose all your leverage, you get all the people who supported our country out. This is not rocket science; even Trump knew this, but his critics do not.

Michael Danek


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The rest of us call him incompetent and corrupt. Supported the hanging of his own vice president Mike Pence....Nuff said

Mother Hen

No president of the US should be an abhorrent human being. Trump truly fit this description.

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