Letter to the editor

A recent letter writer had the unparalleled gall to attack me personally, without provocation or any legitimate reason. According to her she is proud to tell me to “shut up.” How unbelievably rude and disrespectful.

People like that writer are the reason why we are no longer capable of civil discourse in society. People like her are the reason I no longer talk to people I don’t know, other than to exchange basic information. Many Donald Trump supporters have an axe to grind against all who think differently than they do.

Those of us who advocate for the oppressed, the poor and the forgotten have never been welcome by such intolerant people. We are routinely called Nazis and all kinds of insults by so-called “Christian” Trump supporters. The writer is the epitome of a true Trump supporter.

The only people these hate-filled, rude, ignorant Trump supporters are winning over to their side are bigoted, anti-democratic, anti-civil rights zealots.

To set the record straight, I did not coordinate my letter with another writer; I have never even met him. I just hate to see irate mobs of people ganging up on one person because of his deeply held convictions. The accusations about me are nothing more than paranoid conspiracy theories the writer invented.

I am certainly not offended by the letter, because I would never take anything, especially a malicious attack, from a person I could never respect or admire. When you consider the source, this woman has absolutely no credibility and no basis to level such hate against me.

Looks like I stated the obvious about Trump supporters.

Theresa Rathwell


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