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President Donald Trump did not create the coronavirus and he cannot cure it. To hold him responsible for this pandemic is utterly ridiculous. The only reason there is so much negativity toward him regarding the coronavirus is because we are close to an election and the Democrats are doing everything they can think of to cause divisiveness and detract from all his accomplishments.

Scientists and medical professionals have been working diligently to make a vaccine for coronavirus and report that they are close to achieving that goal. We have been told to wear masks, use hand sanitizer and remain socially distant. It is our responsibility to use common sense and follow those guidelines. We don’t need the president to tell us to do that — we’ve already been told that is the best way to combat it. The spread of this disease is caused by our not adhering to those guidelines — not anything Trump does or does not say.

Whether Trump personally “believes in science,” or not makes absolutely no difference. As far as anything the president has shown interest in that might possibly have an effect in combating this disease, why not? All effective leaders offer hope to their citizens. They don’t promote gloom and doom and cause panic, they stay positive and give hope.

Trump is criticized for “not telling the truth about the virus” and not protecting us from it from the beginning. In the beginning, he immediately tried to end travel to and from China, but the Democrats under the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer raised hell about that, as they have done with everything else Trump has tried to accomplish ever since his election. Obstruction, divisiveness, lies, impeachment, turmoil — even using the tragedy of this pandemic; there is no end to their attempts to sabotage this presidency.

President Trump loves America — something I fail to see or hear from our Democratic so-called leaders. I’ve grown weary of the barrage of negativity and turmoil Pelosi, Schumer and Adam Schiff have caused over the past four years, and will cast my vote accordingly in November.

Connie Weber Perkins


EDITOR’S NOTE: According to factcheck.org, Pelosi released a statement Jan. 31 voicing her opposition to Trump’s expansion of a previous travel ban that initially targeted five Muslim-majority countries. Her statement was not related to Trump’s travel restrictions on China which was issued the same day. Pelosi has since criticized the China ban for not being restrictive enough, as it allowed exceptions for certain groups to enter the United States.

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Trump loves America? Really? Are we talking about the same coward that used a "Trumped" up fake bone spur,perpetuated by his daddy, to dodge the draft five times? The almost 60,000 that died in a war they didn't want to serve in are the real heroes that loved their country to the end.

Mother Hen

RacerRay, THANK YOU for saying that. Character matters, and Trump has none.

JMB 1911

Yeah, he should have gotten 5 deferments and then gotten a plum role in the Marine Corps Reserve. And still lied about being in Viet Nam like DEMOCRAT Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Or lied about "Landing under enemy fire" like HilLiary.

If you're going to be mad about "lack of character", you better mad at it all.


But they ain't president bragging about how much they supposedly love their country.


Oh, Connie! How I wish you would base your comments on facts from the real news (like NPR and PBS) instead of opinions from FOX and social media memes. Trump doesn't love this country - He loves himself and his money and power and this perceived privilege to grab women by the p..... (his words, not mine). Did you see the video of him making fun of the National Anthem? He is destroying our country by trying to de-fund social security, medicare, and public education. He botched our response to the virus by denying what the medical professionals were saying, making fun of wearing masks, demanding that meat packing plants with hundreds of corona virus cases stay open, saying that schools must open, telling people that they should be taking a potentially harmful drug that has no benefits in fighting the virus, suggesting that people inject bleach... Oh holy cow! He denies human influence on climate change, degrades women, mocks people with disabilities, fires anyone who disagrees with him.... And now he is messing with our election saying that only in Florida (his "home" state) should voting by mail be allowed. He's trying to kill the postal service - hiring one of his cronies to slow down the mail in time for the election. He supports the Russian influence on our election - they are the ones that flood social media with ridiculous memes that talk about how great he is. He even wanted to postpone the election - something that was not even done during world wars. I laugh when people say that he is working for free because he's not taking a paycheck. He's giving up a $400,000 per year salary, but his all-to-frequent golf trips have cost us, the taxpayers, $139,000,000! In short, he is the most dangerous president we have ever had. I would vote for Kermit the Frog before voting for Trump.


One of THEE most awesome letters ever printed. You forgot so many words to describe him, but understand there is a word limit. But you need to have this in the paper where more people will read it.

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