Letter to the editor

I’d like to weigh in on the trend of late with various government agencies, both local and state level, seeking new or more levies of mills for never-ending projects.

I don’t doubt the need or desires of the various projects. However, I must stress the hardship this is placing on the working poor and retirees of the population. In my case, I had to retire because of health concerns nine years ago. I still get the same amount of pension today as I did then. Not everyone worked for the Big Three.

The 75 percent of us who don’t get cost-of-living increases on our pensions are obviously in limbo as far as our government is concerned. The small increases we get on Social Security are usually eaten up by the cost of health insurance, fuel prices, groceries, etc. Basically, we get less to live on every year.

After working a good many years of our lives we were supposed to live out our “golden years” in security. But our government tries to take away out “golden” and leave us with just “years” until we finally croak and get away from it all.

Here are a few ideas:

Make sure needed maintenance/ improvements are budgeted for and performed yearly and take into account what your project/wants would impose upon the working poor and retirees who live on strict limited and fixed incomes.

Guarantee the public a raise on their income of 2 percent more than the cost of your projects and I’ll vote year on any needed projects — not “we want” to do this projects.

Linda Strieff


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