Letter to the editor

Thank you to recent letter writer Wynoma Chalker for your eloquently written letter: You expressed yourself simple enough for all the readers to understand.

You said everything that needed to be said.

As you know, there are a plethora of contributors who write to this column with a thesaurus by their side; I think to confuse some readers.

I would also add that I have never heard these writers utter the words “I love this country.” I’m a retired veteran, patriot (above all else) and I vote. I love this country.

Bill Domby


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Bravo. Thank you also goes out to Wynona.

Mother Hen

Mr. Domby, Just because you haven't heard a person express their love of country doesn't mean they don't. It also doesn't mean they aren't patriotic, or haven't served their country. Our nation is filled with many who love their country, are patriotic, have served--even if they don't look like you, or have differing viewpoints.


Obviously you have not read a couple of my posts. including one as late as August 4th.


There are those who embrace and seem to accept the new, almost allowed prejudice, of those said to be educated and those not. Like all forms of prejudice this is stupid and counter-productive. But, still, we have to educate ourselves and do better to understand.

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